With 71% of ransomware attacks targeting small-to-medium sized businesses, it continues to be the prevailing form of malware used by attackers to disrupt organizations.

The rapid adoption of new digital innovations often introduces new security gaps and makes it easier for attacks to spread across the flat and open internal network. For many, the loss of critical business cycles and revenues from systems that have ground to a halt far outweighs the price of the ransom itself.

TAGZ can provide your business with comprehensive network security and advanced threat-intelligence sharing to help SMBs detect and protect against ransomware attacks.



How does Ransomware get In?
The pressing need for speed and agility across business’s of all sizes has led to the rapid adoption of innovations (e.g., cloud-based tools, Software-as-a-Service [Saas], smart devices) that bring convenience along with complexity—quickly creating vulnerabilities and making it easier for even basic threats to get past outdated defenses at various points of entry.

Ransomware-as-a-Service (RaaS) that enables attackers to merely invest in an attack carried out by others and the natural IT knowledge of younger generations have made it easier for low-level hackers to easily blast a wide target base and expose one of those holes and is one reason that has led to such high rates of SMEs being hit with ransomware.

Email Vulnerabilities
Exposed Ports and Default or Weak Passwords
Malicious URLs

TAGZ Helping SMEs Put Ransomware in Its Place
As long as smaller businesses present an easy target for cybercriminals, the threat of ransomware will not go away on its own.
Prevent, detect, and remediate ransomware and other sophisticated modes of attack.