A fundamental ambition of all organizations should be to provide a World Class service at an affordable cost. In order to achieve this ambition, it is vital that the organization’s Business Strategy and IT Strategy are in complete alignment.

In terms of Technology spend, organizations have previously rushed to buy the latest Technical ‘Silver Bullets’, with the belief in IT alone being able to deliver Business benefits. These ‘Silver Bullets’ can come in the form of customized business solutions, enterprise application packages, and other IT solutions, with the buyers believing these solutions have ‘benefits’ stamped inside!

Mature organizations realize that investing in Technology is not about primarily buying hardware or software, it is about investing in the process of change itself. Technology is part of every business system and must be aligned with the Business, Organisational Model, Process, and People.

Prior to making a major investment in technology, organizations will have to produce a Business case to secure the required funding.  The fundamental requirement of the Business case is that the potential business benefits are clearly articulated, whether they be cost reduction, improvements in customer service, or a mixture of the two.

‘TAGZ provide a number of market-leading business solutions, aimed at underpinning the ethos of ‘World Class service at an affordable cost’.

The TAGZ IT strategic consultancy team help our customers in the following areas:

  • Business and IT alignment
  • IT operating model (As is / to be)
  • Outsourcing/ Insourcing consultancy
  • Benefits Realisation & Business case consultancy