Next-generation threat protection and real-time threat intelligence

Attackers are persistently working to breach your network and they are using increasingly sophisticated methods to find a way in.

TAGZ can help protect your entire network with next-generation network security solutions that intelligently recognise even unknown threats and adapt to prevent them in real time.

TAGZ provides IT security assessments consisting of a series of security tests, assessments and audits conducted for discovering the vulnerabilities in the IT infrastructure and information systems, which may cause significant risk at business level.

TAGZ offer comprehensive;

  • Security Consulting to analyze your current environment, determine your risk profile, and give you a mitigation report.
  • IT Security Architecture Design service to ensure your security architecture meets your needs including consultancy services for custom projects.

We aim to

  • Identify the vulnerabilities and actively check the IT infrastructure for known threats.
  • Provide deeper analysis We use intrusion simulations on different attack scenarios to determine possible consequences.
  • Assess your overall security position Identify which security gaps leave you open to specific threats, and clarify their potential impact.
  • Review your internal controls A company’s technology infrastructure may be more than adequate, while its procedures are not. We bring the perspective of what works—and does not work—in organisations like yours.
  • Recommend policies and workflow Our industry best-practices recommendations help boost your internal security processes.